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Airbags cover the lid open, the steering wheel can use it?


Many car owners have asked: "Airbags cover the lid open, the steering wheel can use it?" There are also owners of the question: "Airbag is a one-time, can you use it again?" In fact, the airbag on the car has There are many, especially some cars that are known for their safety. There are 24 most heard of them. Of course, they are not all used when they crash.

1, then airbags can also be recycled after use?

The airbag refers to a device for inflating an airbag to protect an occupant before a collision occurs when the occupant crashes. As an auxiliary device for the seat restraint device of the seat belt, the airbag is completely dependent on it, so be sure to fasten the seat belt when driving.

The car airbag cannot be reused after being ejected. It is disposable, but it can be installed again. However, the high installation cost is mainly due to the need to change not only the airbags, but also the ECUs of the airbags. The airbags of high-end cars are expensive, and the airbags with cheaper costs are also several thousand. If it is during the warranty period, the airbag inadvertently can be replaced completely free of charge. Generally, this cost is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

2. How does the airbag work?

In fact, when the airbag is not opened, the shape is equivalent to a small suction paper, and inside is a cloth. After the blast, it was like a balloon.

When the impact is detected by the sensor when a fever strikes, the relevant control system will determine whether the degree of collision has triggered the inflator or not, usually consisting of a gas generator such as gasoline or explosives and an ignition device. In order to dispose of the safety on disposal, usually only high temperature detonates the airbag. Due to the very short duration of the impact process, the airbag generally takes about 25-35 milliseconds from triggering to completing the inflation process. If you inflate for too long, you lose its effectiveness.

3. Can the steering wheel be used after the airbag is broken?

Airbag pop-up is generally at the center of the steering wheel. Only replace the airbag and airbag computer, and the steering wheel does not need to be replaced. Also don't worry about the cover on the airbags bouncing you, because there will be a part of the airbag cover connected to the steering wheel when it is open, and it won't be bombarded. Many people will ask if the airbags will pop up if the steering wheel is struck hard? Don't worry about this, even if you hit it with a hammer, it won't pop up. Because the pop-up of the airbag is transmitted by the sensor outside the car to the computer in the event of a strong impact, the computer then triggers a gas explosion in the airbag ignition trigger to generate high-pressure gas, and instantly pop out to achieve the purpose of protecting people.

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