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The Importance of Car Decoration


With the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, automobiles are flooding into ordinary people’s lives and families with an irresistible trend. In particular, cars are no longer simply a means of transport, it has become the second "home" of people's lives. According to statistics, the automobile after-sales service market is the most stable source of profits in the automotive industry chain, accounting for about 60% of total profits. Compared to the current decline in vehicle sales profits, China's auto after-sales service market profit rate is still as high as 40%. Cars also began to evolve from basic decoration to today’s multimedia age. This created a spiritual pursuit of the car race and became a cultural symbol. The automotive industry in China has experienced more than 20 years of development. It can be said that it only began to develop vigorously in 2005. However, due to the fact that the market has only just begun, many market rules are still extremely imperfect, and profits and hidden dangers are still prevalent.

Waterless car wash encounter helpless

At the beginning of last year, car-washing without water-washing began to become popular, and due to its environmental protection and water-saving features, it quickly attracted people's attention. However, today, waterless car wash is not as popular as expected, drivers are generally worried that "the car was scratched" and afraid of "washing is not clean." The business volume of waterless car washing is very poor, and some even stopped the service just after opening the business.

Comments: Waterless car wash suffers from cold, indicating that the promotion of waterless car wash methods still needs more publicity. At the same time, people's awareness of water saving and environmental protection needs to be enhanced. It is believed that waterless car washing will become the main vehicle cleaning mode in the future.
Fuel saving products are difficult to convince

Since the beginning of 2005, China's oil prices have risen again and again, and energy conservation has once again received world attention. In the market, fuel saving products of various tricks have emerged at the right time, such as fuel-saving devices and additives such as infrared photon energy-saving fuel balls and nano-economizers. However, with the passage of time, the fuel saving effect of many fuel-saving products is not obvious, and it also brings more burden to consumers. Many drivers believe that the effectiveness of fuel-efficient products cannot be seen in many cases. Moreover, the use of 4S stores and maintenance sites is not recommended. It is estimated that these products have their own problems.

Comments: Everyone should understand the basics of scientific knowledge, and don't spend money on the disadvantages. In order to save fuel for the car in addition to the car care and maintenance in time, more drivers need to develop reasonable driving habits in order to experience the fuel-efficient effect.
Hidden lights need to be standardized

The scientific name of the xenon lamp is the HID gas discharge lamp, which has a significantly higher brightness than the conventional halogen lamp. At present, more and more owners suspect that the headlights are not bright enough to modify the original lights to increase the brightness of the lights. With the increasing emphasis on car safety, many high-end models have been equipped with xenon lamps. For consumers who already own a car, replacing the original lamp with a xenon lamp is undoubtedly a good choice. However, if the installed xenon lamp exceeds 4000K, super bright lighting will bring traffic risks. According to statistics, 60% of accidents are caused by unclear sight.

Comments: The most important role of car lights as an important part of the car function - safety, but often overlooked by some car owners. The management vacuum has led to the emergence of disorderly development in the automotive xenon lamp market. It seems that the introduction of the new national standard is an urgent task.
Bluetooth becomes a fashionable standard

Bluetooth devices were still an expensive luxury accessory in 2004. In August 2004, Ericsson, the Bluetooth ancestor, had closed its Bluetooth technology R&D department and once said that “Bluetooth will die in 2005”. However, the reality is the opposite. In 2005, the prices of Bluetooth mobile phones and headsets dropped by a thousand miles, and they quickly became fashionable accessories for car owners and fashion men and women.

According to a recently published research report from the world-famous IDC, 13% of phones sold worldwide in 2005 were equipped with Bluetooth. According to another well-known market research agency, In-Stat/MDR, Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, MP3 players, and stereo headsets surged 70% in 2005. 2005 can be described as the "Bluetooth Year."
Traditional CD accepts challenges

At present, the domestic auto audio modification market is increasingly popular, but the expensive consumer price makes it to a certain extent only a rich game. In 2005, many home appliance giants in China invested in automotive electronics to develop automotive multimedia products. With the popularization of localization, the market for car DVD players, such as car MP3s and liquid crystal displays, has gradually been replaced by domestic brands. In 2005, the CD host is no longer the master of the whole car audio, but will be replaced by more and more digital multimedia products.

Comments: This year calls for the "end of the era of car audio profits," the cries are getting higher and higher, many manufacturers have introduced a series of high-quality, low-cost products, and with the arrival of the era of multimedia conversion, car audio and electronic Industry will usher in a new round of competition.

Policy Relaxation 06 Nuggets

In 2005, the variety of automotive supplies was increasingly abundant, new products emerged in an endless stream, and the pace of product upgrading was accelerated, greatly satisfying the different needs of vehicle owners. Automotive Services With the advent of large-scale chain enterprises, the automotive decoration industry will also eliminate some small-scale, non-standard enterprises. Professional, standardized professional service companies have gradually become the first choice for owners to accept services. The Auto Parts City has evolved from a single service model to a comprehensive service model and continues to play an irreplaceable role in the automotive aftermarket.

In 2006, with the increase in the supervision of auto-remodeling companies, the research on auto-refitting has been continuously pushed forward. The restrictions on the automobile decoration and refitting industry are expected to be further relaxed, and various types of personalized modified cars will appear on the domestic roads, becoming a flowing landscape.

Comments: Experts predict that cars are entering the families of ordinary people at an unprecedented pace. In the next few years, China’s car ownership will increase at a rate of 20% per year, followed by a huge automotive aftermarket—car beauty, Maintenance, decoration, and quick repairs will become a huge gold industry in the 21st century.

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